Mindfulness Relaxation

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are well known. There are numerous studies showing that meditation improves our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Many people would like to try meditation but become confused by all the apparently different methods on offer.

In these sessions, there are no rules to follow. Here we start with your natural breath and work the rest out from there. We find what suits you. What fits with your lifestyle.

Simple advice and encouragement to get you meditating and to keep you meditating.

Meditation sessions. What to expect?

Whether in a group or one to one these sessions are one hour. They are done seated in a chair. The meditation is for 30 minutes. The first part is a meditation focused on your breathing. There is guidance during the meditation but the level depends on the needs of the group. We end the meditation with a relaxation or an insight meditation, whatever is appropriate for those present. There is time within each session for discussion and advice.

One to one sessions

Are based on a client’s needs but usually are similar to the group meditation sessions. I recommend four of these sessions. This gives enough time for you to learn some skills and be able to keep meditating for yourself.

You may need one to one sessions if:

  • You already have a meditation practice but you’ve developed some problems. One to ones are helpful because we can concentrate on your specific needs and explore different approaches to your personal practice.
  • Something unexpected may have happened in your life that raised your stress levels. (e.g. an unexpected health problem or something has happened to someone close to you)
  • Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are all helped by meditation. These gentle sessions help you to find your own way of using meditation.


Drop in meditations £5
One to one meditations prices from £20
All payments are suggested.

Please do not let cost prevent you from having some meditation with me. If you are not able to come to a drop-in class then please do contact me, I can offer up to 4 sessions one to one at little or no cost for those who need it.