Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis Palmistry, Chirology

Hand Analysis draws on traditional Palmistry, Chirology and Dermatoglyphics. It sits neatly in the gap between the thinking tools of logic, analysis and scientific method, and the feeling tools of imagination and intuition.

Hand analysis is an amazing way to gain insight into how you relate to yourself and others. What is happening in your life now and where it might go. A good reading gives guidance to what you need and want in your life. The lines of the hand can and do change so by understanding them you can steer yourself towards a better and more fulfilling life.

One to one

One to one readings last about an hour. The reading continues until all relevant aspects of the hand have been covered. You get a CD recording of your reading (subject to availability). Cost £30.


If you are not completely happy with your reading then you do not pay. Helen can give this assurance as she knows, from experience, how accurate and informative these readings are.

Hands holding yellow flower

Hand in sunshine

Events, Parties and Special Occasions

These are tailored to your needs but could include:

  • Mini readings done for your guests during the course of an evening.
  • A talk on Hand Analysis to show how it can be useful in day to day life.
  • An interactive discussion with those present asking questions.
  • Looking at hand prints of well know people to see what we can discover about them.

Prices depend on your requirement and start from £80 for 2 hours.


These four workshops designed to teach real practical hand reading skills. Each lesson begins with an outline of some aspect of hand reading followed by a discussion. Then the last part of the class we look at hand prints and practice our hand reading skills.

These workshops are based on Johnny Fincham’s teachings. They are for all but especially for those who are familiar with his methods. These workshops are perfect as an introductory course before his full course or for further practice after taking his course.


Talks are interactive. They include palm prints and images. They can cover any aspect of palmistry in a format that is suitable for the occasion.