About Helen Duncan


Helen has been meditating for more than 20 years. She has used meditation to overcome mental and physical health issues and for personal and spiritual growth.

As her needs have changed so have her meditations. It is this breadth of experience that makes her approach so unique and so accessible to those she teaches.

Hand Analysis, Palmistry, Chirology

Helen has had a lifelong interest in Palmistry. She read books on traditional Palmistry and had some success with hand reading but in 2012, she did a course with Johnny Fincham. His methods applied science and logic to Hand Analysis which bought a depth of understanding that had been missing from her readings. She has been studying and reading hands ever since. She gave up her job in 2016 to further her career in this fascinating but much misunderstood field.


In 2012 Helen met Simon Burrell (and later married him). He had 20 years’ yoga experience and she began practicing Yoga. In 2018 They traveled to Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Maharashtra, India for a month long intensive teacher training course which they both passed. They continue to practice and teach yoga.

Previous work

Helen spent 20 years working within the Health Service. She developed an instinctive ability to know what was require to keep everything calm. Promoting calm not just in the patients but in her colleagues as well. She now enjoys using these skills finding ways for you to promote your own relaxation and find your own version of inner peace.

Helen Duncan
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